Group discussion facilitated by LVN, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and TOHP

June 10, 2021

In collaboration with TOHP, Cortico’s Local Voices Network (LVN), and the New York City Departnment of Health and Mental Hygene, two discussions were held virutally to create a space for community members to listen and learn about each others lives, connect across community groups and create the opportunity to build new relationships, and create a unique listening channel through which to lift voices and needs of community to candidates, local policy members and the media. The discussion fostered the sharing of stories through lived experience rather than positions on issues, centering the health and well being of community. Participants in the two conversations were AJ Lewis, Aviva Silverman, Charlie Anderle, Ethan Roberts, Josh Wizman, Kim Watson, Michelle O’Brien, Ceyenne Doroshow, Rhiya Trivedi, Widow, and Malaya Mañacop. They were facilitated by AJ Lewis, Aviva Silverman and Michelle O’Brien. LVN is a part of Cortico which collaborates closely with MIT Center for Constructive Communication (CCC), an interdisciplinary center based at the MIT Media Lab that explores and addresses the destructive effects of deepening social fragmentation in America.