Interview of Tashan Lovemore

Tashan Lovemore shares his path to his "limitless" gender, pushing against narrow expectations of masculinity and manhood while finding contentment and confidence in his own gender. He grew up in the suburbs of New York City on Long Island to a Jamaican and American family. Later Lovemore met Sir Knight, and they founded BlackTransTV and BLK RYL PRODUCTIONS, through which they release regular videos. Lovemore shares about important trans-inclusive spaces that shaped his community: the Lab, Bklyn Boihood, and the Door. He shares on working for trans-acceptance in black communities, finding confidence in navigating potentially hostile institutions, and the importance of not unnecessarily disclosing other people's trans experience.

Date of Interview:

November 18, 2021

Location of Interview:

Place of birth:

East Meadow



Interviewed by

Adelaide Matthew Dicken