Interview of Sindell

Sindell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up as a child performer who got to travel the world as part of the Philadelphia Boys’ Choir. She attended the Philadelphia High School of Performing Arts, Academy for Music and even performed in the Nutcracker several times. After her grandmother passed away, Sindell left home before the age of 18. She worked as an escort in many different states before eventually finding her way back to New York. She worked as a makeup artist for Warner Brothers Studio and Christian Dior before pursing her current career as a singer. In this interview, Sindell discusses her personal experience with transitioning from an early age, puberty, physical abuse, different types of work, mentors and mentor-ship, youth centers as well as problems with healthcare.

Date of Interview:

November 18, 2021

Location of Interview:

NYPL Offices, Midtown Manhattan

Place of birth:

Philadelphia, PA



Interviewed by

Xiomara Sebastián Castro Niculescu

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