Interview of Pauline Park

Pauline Park is a long-time transgender activist based in New York City who led the campaign for the 2004 New York City transgender rights law. Born in Korea but adopted into a Christian evangelical family in Milwaukee. Park has dedicated decades of her life to LGBTQ, Asian-American, and Palestinian solidarity activism, viewing all human rights struggles as distinct yet interconnected. Her life and work are the subject of two documentary films by Larry Tung and she has founded and participated in numerous LGBTQ organizations, including Iban/Queer Koreans of New York, NYAGRA, and Queens Pride House, an LGBT community center based in Queens near her home.

Date of Interview:

December 1, 2021

Location of Interview:

Queens Pride House, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York

Place of birth:

Seoul, Korea


She / Her

Interviewed by

Nadia Awad

Summary by

Boyda Johnstone