Interview of Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark describes her work with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the on-line trans and queer community, and her career in video game design. She begins her oral history with her childhood. Topics of her childhood include her first memories of Seattle, parents' marital tensions, family move to Japan, return to the United States during high school and racial justice activism there. She then discusses her career as a coder for Lego and her process of coming out during that time. In the end of the oral history, Clark tells about her life after coming out, the community support she found in the forum Strap-On, and the growing presence of trans women in video game design.

Date of Interview:

March 3, 2017

Location of Interview:

New York University (NYU) Metrotech

Place of birth:

Santa Monica, California


She / Her

Interviewed by

Michelle Esther O’Brien

Summary by

Murielle O'Brien