Interview of Mojo Disco

Mojo Disco is a multi-talented personality, youth educator, art teacher, fitness instructor, curator, designer, poet, model and artist from NYC. She is the creator of the popular underground event Paint And Poetry that created space for six years for folks of all experiences to come together and share their brilliance in NYC. Her focus in life is to showcase the brilliance of all black folks through the arts to push for more love and equality. In this interview Mojo discusses being born and raised here in NYC navigating her identity as a black child being raised by black parents deeply rooted in the hip hop culture. She graces us with her poetry piece "TIRED" that she wrote and first shared at a Trans Day of Remembrance celebration in 2019. In this poetry piece she details advice for other women when it comes to love, dating and friendship, remembers Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and reminds people that women of trans experience are humans who deserve respect and equality. You can find out more and connect with Mojo via her website or find her via all social media platforms @MojoDisco

Date of Interview:

December 1, 2021

Location of Interview:

New York, New York

Place of birth:

Queens, New York



Interviewed by

Sir Knight