Interview of Macy Rodman

Macy Rodman was born in Juneau, Alaska. During her early life she describes visits to the local sex shop where she learned about gay life, including NYC’s glam scene which featured images of modified and expansive versions of femininity including Amanda Lepore. She explored making music with her sister which grew into her own project with her move to NYC. She also helps produce the podcast Nymphowars which was first imagined as a place to speak about dating as a trans woman, but morphed into fully developed radio plays of absurdist comedy. Since living in Brooklyn for the last 11 years, Macy gravitated towards groups invested in working for their communities, admiring projects like Discwoman, Decolonize this Place, and Boiling Point NYC. Since quarantine she’s returned to the sounds of Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers reminding her of a time before the club scene where dance music was listened to at home.

Date of Interview:

May 29, 2020

Location of Interview:


Place of birth:

Juneau, Alaska



Interviewed by

Aviva Silverman