Interview of Kyle Lukoff

Librarian and author Kyle Lukoff details a life lived with and around books. He recounts his bookish childhood in Seattle, moving to New York City, coming out as a gay trans man, his struggles with anorexia, and becoming a school librarian. Much of the interview is dedicated to Kyle's thoughts and experiences surrounding books, from teaching them to children, to the state of trans children's literature, to his work on the committee for the Stonewall Book Awards. In particular, he discusses the love of picture books, which has culminated in his authorship of three forthcoming books, to be published in 2018 and 2019.

Date of Interview:

June 21, 2017

Location of Interview:

Brooklyn, New York

Place of birth:

Skokie, Illinois



Interviewed by

Ric Tennenbaum

Summary by

Jamie Magyar