Interview of Jaheed Hines

Jaheed Hines (he/him) is a black trans masculine man who was raised in Brooklyn, NYC. He begins detailing his childhood and how he found himself uncomfortable with societal expectations set upon him based upon his sex assigned at birth. He recounts attending his first pride in 2016 and feeling at home like he could fly. It was in that moment that he realized it was time for him to live fully in his truth. Jaheed opens up about his close relationship with his mom and how she's been super supportive and understanding navigating this process with him. This provides proof that parents aren't always at odds with their children especially when in the black community. He also speaks a lot about the importance of community, visibility and representation in helping him to live his best life. Jaheed means the one who strives and we're so happy he's alive and thriving in his brilliance.

Date of Interview:

December 1, 2021

Location of Interview:

Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Brooklyn, New York

Place of birth:

Brooklyn, New York



Interviewed by

Sir Knight