Interview of Genevieve Tatum

Genevieve Tatum retells her experiences as an adolescent in The Village in New York City. She describes the aftermath of the Stonewall riot, the Civil Rights movement, and the Women's movement. Genevieve also reveals her journey in accepting her trans-identity; first as a cross-dresser, and eventually coming out as a non-operative transgender woman. She describes the pain, confusion, and denial she felt, but also the relief upon accepting her truth and sharing it with her loved ones. After coming out, Genevieve lent her experiences to the SAGE Trans-generational Theater Project, where she is hoping to solidify the transgender community's place in LGBT history.

Date of Interview:

June 22, 2017

Location of Interview:

SAGE Midtown, New York City

Place of birth:

Staten Island, New York


She / Her

Interviewed by

Matthew Dicken

Summary by

Ariana Blondo