Interview of Farah Khimji

Farah Khimji discusses living at the intersection of being non-binary, Ismaili Muslim and an atheist. They are the co-founder of LIES, a materialist feminist journal exploring theories and experiences of class, race and gender. Farah opens up about homophobia and transphobia experienced while working as a labor union researcher, as well as their love for living in NYC. They conclude their interview by saying, “NYC is a really queer city, whether people like it or not…We are staking our ground, we live here and we’re going to walk on the street and be gay. It gives me hope in this shitty time that they can't make us disappear. Queer and trans people are fighting everyday and we won’t stop fighting. I’m ready for the fight!”

Date of Interview:

November 30, 2021

Location of Interview:

Aviva’s Apartment, Chinatown, New York

Place of birth:

Queens, New York



Interviewed by

Aviva Silverman