Interview of Ethan Roberts

Ethan Roberts attends Union Seminary where he is a chaplain intern for incarcerated transgender folks at Rosie’s on Rikers Island. He discusses his early religious trauma being a part of a cultic group in Buffalo NY. He speaks about power and class manipulation as well as the greater culture of ‘toxic theology’ within his Mennonite and Baptist upbringing. At college his first encounter seeing a Drag King enabled him to explore his gender and sexuality. More recently, he describes the complications of passing as a cis white man and co-raising a child with his partner while navigating his internal and external relationships to trans-embodiment.

Date of Interview:

December 1, 2021

Location of Interview:

Chinatown, New York City

Place of birth:

Conroe, Texas


He/Him or They/Them

Interviewed by

Aviva Silverman