Interview of Christian Appel

Christian Appel grew up in New Rochelle, escaping to find community in New York's party scene (particularly the Motherfucker parties) and at IDA, a queer gardening farmstead in Tennessee. She draws strength and liberation from her partners and seeks healing for herself and her community through secular spiritualism, her job at SAGE and her recent work creating the TransGenerational Theatre Project. Appel's anarchism and community work informs her sense of both community empowerment and the particular ways she experiences her gender identity. Through her whimsy and critical perspectives, Christian and her interviewer Dinnick conclude that "Trans is magic!"

Date of Interview:

May 8, 2017

Location of Interview:

SAGE, Midtown, New York

Place of birth:

New York City



Interviewed by

Dinick Martinez

Summary by

Kirsten Adorian