Interview of Che Gossett

Che Gossett shares on the left political history of their parents, their time spent in multiple abolitionist, black and queer organizing groups, and their becoming a critical scholar of trans studies, art criticism, and race. Specifically, Che discusses their time in Critical Resistance, Hearts on a Wire (a Philly-based trans prisoner zine), and the Barnard Center for Research on Women. Study plays a reoccurring and central role in Che's narrative, serving as an abolitionist political practice, and means of building transformative community. Che reflects on the dynamics of trans feminine people in black communities and institutions and the interrelationship of racism and transmisogyny.

Date of Interview:

December 1, 2021

Location of Interview:

Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York

Place of birth:

Roxbury, Massachusetts



Interviewed by

Michelle Esther O'Brien