Interview of Ceyenne Doroshow

Ceyenne Doroshow shares her experience developing a supportive relationship with her family, enduring ignorance and discrimination, first meeting another transwoman, learning about hormones, and discovering Miss Major and others who she now calls her moms. Having grown up in a time when there were so few out and proud transwomen in her life, Doroshow explains how she has seen the trans movement progress without neglecting the fact that her community is pushed out of housing, portrayed inaccurately in the media, and offered short term solutions if anything rather than sustainable employment opportunities and a chance to age with dignity. A longtime trans advocate and New Yorker, Doroshow offers a crucial account of her history in New York City.

Date of Interview:

February 19, 2017

Location of Interview:

Place of birth:

New York



Interviewed by

Cyd Nova

Summary by

Evan Zavidow